Jason DowdI’m Jason Dowd. I’ve been in the Sound, Video, Television and Radio broadcasting business for many years, and am the Chief Engineer at amfmbroadcastingnetwork.com.

Our Company owns and operates 2 Internet Radio Stations, 8 Terrestrial Radio Stations, a PUBLIC ROKU Channel, a Public Relations Company, a Film Distribution Company and this Radio Streaming Company.

Why did we enter the Radio Streaming Business? The obvious answer is to make money, but the underlying reason is that we could not find any service available that meets our quality and reliability requirements.

Our internet radio station started many years ago using Live365. At the time of their demise, we were ranked in their highest number of listeners, surpassed only by stations broadcasting solely in Eastern European languages. There were uptime issues with Live365, but being lazy like most people, we didn’t change to another streaming service.

When it became obvious that Live365 was going bankrupt, we looked for a replacement service. That’s when our nightmare began. We tried many different companies and eventually settled on using Radio.co. Better than 30% of the time the Server went down. We never once were able to contact anyone on the phone and after sending an email, we got an automatic response that said, “Rate our Service”. They didn't have a rating available of minus 10 that matched their service.

With about all of the Companies operating Streaming Service, we were frankly frightened to give them our Credit Card or Bank Account Information. In fact, on more than one occasion a Credit Card of ours was hacked!

That’s when we decided that the only way to Stream Radio Content was to do it ourselves and do it the right way.

We now Own Servers that are kept in a facility so secure that it is approved for US Government Top Secret Data. It IS NOT stored in a closet in Hillary Clinton’s bathroom!

Our Servers are NEVER overloaded so the quality and accessibility of the Stream is surpassed by none. We price the service at about 70% less than it should be priced, based on all factors needed to run a Streaming Service the right way.

Your Credit Card and Payment information NEVER comes to us but is automatically processed online through First Data on behalf of Bank of America Merchant Services. First Data OWNS the Star Network and processes 45% of ALL transactions in the United States. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t expose your financial information to credit card processors like “Frank and Joes Credit Card Company based in sunny Tijuana with servers in Latvia”.

I guarantee you that if you start or move an existing Radio Station to our Company, amfmbroadcastingnetwork.com, you will be a customer for life.

You Have My Personal Guarantee!




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